T-type locking structure


---> Basic joint of LECO aluminum profile only needs a T-LOCK and trapezoidal screw. The standardization, efficiency of design and assembly can reach to a maximum, with no need to consider combinations in any other form.
---> As joint at section center i.e. internal joint is adopted, the structure is so smooth, neat and beautiful that the end of profile can be fully utilized.
---> The assembly is simple too! All you need to do is to insert the T-Lock and fasten the trapezoidal screw. The high precision assembly is simplified, with assembly difficult degree reduced and working capacity of assembly shortened greatly.
---> Optimized design of T-LOCK shape increases supporting capacity by 1.5 times (compared with old T-LOCK), also improves connection strength substantially.

---> Wedge type joint structure of T-LOCK and wedge wire of trapezoidal screw ensure solid joint between profiles. When ordering, you only need to give us the cutting length and processing position of T lock bracket hole. Length cutting and T lock bracket hole processing of LECO section are provided to customers.